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Who We Are

Modern Practice

Fully computerised with the latest practice management systems to protect your medical data for both Bulk billing and Private billing appointments.


Fully equipped operating suite for all minor surgical procedures: suturing of minor traumatic wounds, removal of skin lesions; including moles and cysts.


Accredited by the Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL). A leading provider of accreditation and quality improvement.

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Opening Hours

  • Monday - Wednesday 8:00am - 7:00pm
  • Thursday - Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm
  • Saturday - Sunday 8.00am - 4.00pm
  • Times are subject to change, please call clinic to confirm

After Hours

  • Monday - Sunday (03) 94295677
  • Medicaid provides a deputising service MMDS between the hours of 11pm to 8am, 7 days a week.
    Or in case of an emergency dial 000.

Why People Choose MedicAid?

Accredited by the Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL). A leading provider of accreditation and quality improvement.

Fully equipped operating suite for all minor surgical procedures: suturing of minor traumatic wounds, removal of skin lesions; including moles and cysts.

Our Services



All family medical needs throughout all ages and stages of life.


Family planning and contraception advice is available. Contraceptive injections and implants administered


Most fractures upon diagnosis can be managed within the practice. Doctors' can set fractures in either plaster or fibreglass casts at MedicAid; avoiding the long waits at Emergency Departments


Childhood immunisations available as per National schedule to all eligible children. Travel vaccinations and advice. Yellow Fever vaccine available.


MedicAid Doctors' are able to manage minor medical emergencies that do not need to be sent to a hospital Emergency Department. MedicAid Doctors' attend to these cases promptly and expertly.


Medicaid Doctors' do home visits to long term patients. Medicaid is also affiliated with an accredited after hours visiting service ( MMDS) which do afterhours home visits (11pm -8am).

Practice Information


There is limited parking available strictly for our patients at the rear of the medical centre. These are accessed via Lt Ryrie Street, behind the Sir Charles Darling Hotel.


MedicAid offers a two-tiered system of consultations. Bulk billing is available throughout all hours. Booked appointments can be made with a fee incurred and can usually be booked on the same day. Bulk billed appointments can be made for procedures. Please enquire at reception.

On-Site Pharmacy

Bull & Owen Pharmacy is well stocked with most pharmaceutical needs in addition to over the counter products. Bull & Owen are open 7 days during surgery hours to supply all necessary pharmacy needs

Additional Tests & Specialist Appointments

If you are referred on for tests or to a specialist, there may be further cost incurred. Please ask at reception. It is the responsibility of the patient to arrange these appointments unless deemed urgent by the Doctor.

Patient Health Information

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times to ensure that it is only available to authorised members of staff. Doctors who take part in research may use details of your care (de-identified) to inform research. Please inform the doctor if you do not wish to comply with this.

Patient Feedback & Complaints

Medicaid encourages patient feedback in order to continually keep abreast of issues that may arise during the course of your care. Feedback can be directed to the Practice Manager or Practice Principal either in written form or verbally. Please see reception for further details. Complaints can be directed to the AHPRA (Doctors' governing body). Visit ahpra.vic.gov.au for an online complaint form or phone 1300 419 495.

10 Tips For Safer Health Care

1. Be actively involved in your own health care. 2. Speak up if you have any questions or concerns. 3. Learn more about your condition or treatments. 4. Keep a list of all the medications you are taking. 5. Make sure you understand the purpose of the medications you are taking. 6. Get the results of any tests or procedures. 7. Talk about your options if you need to go into hospital. 8. Make sure you understand what will happen if you need surgery or a procedure. 9. Make sure you, your doctor and your surgeon all agree on exactly what will be done. 10. Before you leave hospital ask your health care professional to explain the treatment plan you will use at home.

APP Privacy policy: Managing Patient Information

To view the privacy policy please click here

Communications Policy

Doctors endeavor to respond to all calls and emails from patients, however due to contraints of time, they may have to return calls and emails at the end of the session.

Long Consultations & Home Visits

Extended visits are available. Please advise reception if a longer consultation is required. Home visits and nursing home visits are available for long-term patients only, as long as within a reasonable distance of approx. 15 kms.

Patient Results

Results are not given out by phone. A comsultation with the doctor is necessary to follow up on any tests that have been performed. For further information please see the information board in the waiting room or ask at reception.

Translating & Hearing Impaired Services

If you or a family member requires a translator or sign language for the consultation please advise reception prior to your appointment. AUSLAN (Signing for hearing impaired) - Ph: 1800 246 945 Translator & Interpreter Service - Ph: 1300 131 450

Myhealth Record

This practice is able to cryptically upload or download health summaries which can be accessed by other viable clinics or Emergency departments. Please speak to your doctor or reception if you wish to utilise this facility.

Afterhours & Medical Emergency

The clinic triages patients depending on urgency. Patients may be prioritised in the queue if deemed appropriate by the duty doctor. To arrange a doctor visit after hours (11pm to 8am) please contact NHDS: 13 74 25 ; Pensioners and Healthcare Card holders are bulk billed; persons living remote to CDB may incure a fee for visit. In case of emergency where urgent medical attention is required outside clinic hours please attend the Geelong Hospital or dial 000 for an ambulance. Reception staff are trained in medical triage.

Rude Or Abusive Patients

Patients who behave in a threatening, abusive and intimidating manner will be banned from the clinic. Please note anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

Recalls & Reminders

MedicAid uses a recall and reminder system to provide preventative care for our patients. This will assist in ensuring that important health checks are not forgotten and are performed on time. You will be reminded when it is time to visit your doctor for a review or follow up. The reminder system will include checks to help in the prevention or early detection of certain conditions such as diabetes, cervical cancer and immunisation schedules. In some cases, the reminders can also be sent from other institutions, for example the Victorian Government (Victorian Cytology), or the Victorian Pap Smear Registry. Our doctors follow the guidelines for preventative care as outlined in the RACGP Guidelines for Preventative Activities in General Practice. The guidelines are in line with the recommendations of organisations such as the National Health and Medical Research Council and the National Health Foundation. The privacy laws require that we obtain your consent to send you these reminders. Your doctor will discuss the benefits of these reminders. Your doctor will discuss the benefits of these reminders; please inform the doctor if you do not wish to take part in our reminder system so we can make a note on your file. By allowing us to send you these reminders you will help us to detect serious conditions early and to monitor these conditions. This can significantly improve your long term health.

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